Change of Plans and Potential Adventure

Change of Plans

 I was unable teach my Kabiye lesson last Saturday because the family in Broukou was unable to meet. I decided to take my French teacher on a field trip instead. I had wanted to visit a solar internet café that some Duke students had helped build last summer. Most small villages in Togo do not have electricity, so of course they will not have internet as well. We found a Duke student there who was working on a small business, microfinance project in the local market. She told us that the internet café did not have a lot of people using the internet, but had found another use as a cell phone charging station.  Cell phone use has taken off in Togo, but people in villages do not have places to charge their phones. 


This experiment reminds me a lot of our work here. Your first thought about what needs to happen here is probably not the right one, but may lead you to the right place. Please be in prayer for us about our leadership development efforts.  It is going to require a lot of learning, prayer, and experimentation to find what will help our churches mature. Our first ideas will probably not be the best ones. Pray that we will have listening ears and the persistence to get to the right plans.


Adventure of a Lifetime


Last year our family was blessed to have a teacher come and help with our homeschooling. Mariah was a blessing to our family and we have certainly missed her since she left in May.


Now Beth is homeschooling our three children of ages 11, 8, and 5. This is a lot on her plate in addition to language learning, keeping up house, and ministry. Nicole Kennell has graciously volunteered to teach math until she goes on furlough in February, but more help could still be used. We are prayerfully searching for one or two people to come and assist her for 3-9 months. We could have someone come this January or January 2015 when we return from furlough. If you would like more information, please email me, Ryan ( or Beth (

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