Ryan, Beth, Katie, Jonah, and Aaron Richardson are missionaries in Kara, Togo.

Ryan was born and raised in Memphis, TN. His family hosted missionaries when he was growing up and often let them borrow their vehicles for long periods of time. At Harding University, he went on trips to Czechoslovakia (now the Czech Republic) and Kenya. He enjoyed these trips but was not totally convinced that mission work was for him at the time. Beth also went on mission trips during her time at Harding, traveling to Europe and Africa. She even visited Kara and hoped one day to return to do mission work.

While at Harding Graduate School of Religion, Ryan went on trips to Romania and Ukraine to help with missions and to study missions. Many of his electives in the Master of Divinity degree were in missions. Beth left Harding and began teaching (we weren’t together yet). She was offered the opportunity to teach school for a team of missionaries in Kenya, but did not have the courage to go alone at that time.

We married in 1999 while Ryan was working as a campus minister at Purdue University. After we were married, we moved to Maryland for a year to receive more training in evangelism and missions, while praying about moving to a French-speaking mission work. However, after having our first child missions left our minds for a while.

We have been back in Memphis for seven years. For part of that time, Mark and Nicole Kennell, former members of the Kabiye team, have been in Memphis as well. During their time in Memphis they decided that they wanted to return to the field. They began talking with us about the opportunities for our family to join the team in Kara along with them.

In these discussions, we have been prayerfully thinking about our family’s possible involvement with this work. Over several months, as we considered some different job possibilities, mission work came back to us, through a dream. Actually, Beth had several recurring dreams about our living in Africa. In each dream, she felt, with deep intensity, that we were FINALLY where God wanted us to be. After waking from each dream, she felt completely convicted that African mission work was what God was asking us to do, and that we must not overlook another call from God. Finally, we began to pray about it and realized that God had brought us to the point of giving up more control to him so that the beautiful people of Togo could hear the Good News.

We realized we both had become interested in moving to Togo, with some reservations. In September of 2009, we spent a month in Kara, Togo with the team and fell in love with the Togolese people. We moved to Kara, Togo in September, 2012.

Katie, Jonah, Ryan, Beth, and Aaron Richardson

5 responses to “About

  1. Hey Ryan and Beth. You guys have a beautiful family. We are so excited about your move to Togo. Wish that we could’ve been in country together with you guys but hopefully our paths will cross sometime! Blessings to you guys!

    Murphy and Christine

  2. Beth, you are so lovely! I love the look on Katie’s face! Where did you get such a dramatic child?

  3. Dear Beth,
    I think it is marvelous that you guys want to do mission work.
    Your grandma Wanda Depping She would be so proud of you.
    I love you and your family.
    Love Aunt Rachel

  4. Dennis Mitchell

    God Bless you in your plans to go to Togo! You’re in our prayers! It was nice to see you last Sunday here in LR. Our love, Dennis & Anita

  5. We are so excited that our congregation gets the opportunity to be a part of what your family will be doing in Togo! We are looking forward to getting to know your family better during the coming months! And I especially look forward to our children at Central building relationships with your children and getting to experience overseas missions through that relationship!
    Tammy Beck

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