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Beth’s blog

Beth’s blog

Beth has written a very powerful post about our life here. I hope you are as touched by it as I was.

Safari Park and Malaria

We were truly blessed to spend a couple of days in Pendjari Park in northern Benin. It is only about a five hour drive from where we live, not counting time dealing with border officials. It seems that laws have changed recently requiring us to get Benin visas in Lome, not at the border, so we had to spend some extra time and pay an extra fine to get across.

Once we were across the border in Benin we were greeted by smooth roads to drive on, which made the trip even nicer. Once we drew near to the park, we found a beautiful waterfall where we were able to swim twice, because we made it a point to go there on the return trip as well.

Inside the park, we saw the equivalent of lions, elephants, deer, cape buffalo, warthogs, crocodiles, and a few others. I say equivalent because many of these animals are not the same species I am used to seing. It was wonderful seeing the animals and also spending time with other missionaries from the Kara area who went.

However, once we returned, I, Ryan, came down with my first case of malaria. After four days, I am now starting to get some energy back and was thankfully to get my language learning in today. The malaria medicine did its work, not only on the parasite, but also on my stomach, so I am glad to be finished with it.

Please be praying about the four Harding interns coming in one month. It will be great to give them a glimpse of missionary life as they consider their future careers.Image


I was able to pick up my Toyota Fortuner (see the attached pic) last weekend in Lome. It ran well all the way back to Lome, about a seven hour drive. We are so thankful for your donations to make this happen!

 ImageWe have about two more weeks of language and culture learning until we go to the West African Missionary Retreat in Ghana. On the  Tuesday before we leave, we will have another quarterly meeting with the Kabiye church leaders. Please pray for these leaders as they encounter many challenges in their churches without having a lot of the training or resources that we might consider essential. We are encouraging them to rely on each other more for resources, communication, and training as we seek to build a sustainable movement among the Kabiye.

Scenes from a Village church

Jean Marie, Christiane, and Essowe help us learn Kabiye and the Bible at the same time.